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What is Dream Analysis..?

Dreams are the outcome of certain mental states, conscious and subconscious , caused by various positive and negative effects of heavenly bodies. Dream is as real as this world is when we are awake. Whenever we sleep, we die and as our soul leaves our body. Many of the times the dreams that we see are not just dreams but also real experience of the soul, messages from our protectors, omens, warnings and much more. Thus, interpretation of dreams can point towards the mysteries of future. However, one must keep certain guidelines in mind in order to interpret the dreams and deduce their effects. the dreams that occur during the period beginning from 3 am till dawn yield their results within 7 days, the dreams of midnight give their result in a month and the dreams that come before midnight show their effect in a year. The dreams that come during daytime do not yield any result at all. If one sees several dreams in a night, only the last one happens to be effective.


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Dreaming is a part of everyone's life and the fact goes that everyone dreams for as long as they live. Many even say that unborn babies dream in the womb of their mothers. Dreams are meant for the reality which is yet to happen and is a thing that takes place in the mind when the entire body has gone to rest. Several also opine that dreams are the gateway to an inner world, a world which is just as real as the one outside. Dream analysis and interpretation informs us in a visual language about reserved experiences and other process of the unconscious. The analysis of dream images and activities, however strange and even meaningless they might seem, depict symbolic structures.


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